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Friday, March 29, 2013

MASAT 2013/2014 Committee

On 10:00 pm today, the new committee that will serve MASAT during 2013/2014 term. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) started with the ex-President, Wen Cheng Chong laying up the events that were held during the previous term, and then with a presentation on MASAT financial status by Siti Zahira. Next, a number of certificates and hampers were given to the winner of MASAT's sports league (Futsal, Basketball, Badminton).

Badminton mixed double champion, one of few winners tonight.

After all attendees had their slices and slices of pizza and some cans of drink, the election starts. This year, we used a more fair voting system, where everyone vote in a voting paper, then submit them into a box where two independent members (Anas and Syahmi) acts as the Election Commision or 'Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR)' will tally each vote.

After some time of tallying (it does takes time, thanks to Anas and Syahmi for doing this), we finally had a result. Here is the new MASAT Committee for 2013/2014:

MASAT 2013/2014 committee
The new MASAT President, Zakkeeyyah addressed all the members.

For full results of the voting, click the link here: For the record, there are 20 spoil ballots in the voting. Spoil ballot happened when the voter only put a tick on one of the candidates' box instead of ranking the candidates. Also, if the voter did not put the full ranking (i.e. he/she only ranked 2 candidates when there are actually 3 candidates running for the position), it is also considered as spoil ballot.

Congratulations to all the new committee members and I on behalf of them thanks everyone who came tonight and give your support. We will try our best to serve MASAT and making it another memorable year. 


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